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RIB Bed By Scopema
The RIB bed is one of the most popular beds in Europe, and in our opinion is the most safest and cost effective way of having seating and bedding in your Vw Camper Conversions. The bed can be made to most sizes and has a large selection of upgrades available, including isofix points and armrests.

The Rib bed has been fully tested, and we install a RIB approved under chassis support bracket to meet safety standards. EC Directive (Directive 76/115) standard on Seat Belt safety. In addition to ensuring the safety, the Directive tests check that the seat does not tip forward too much in the event of a crash.

Reimo 3000 Variotech Seat
Built on the original success of the Variotech ‘Classic’ seat the 3000 seat combines incredible flexibility, which allows your campervan to be much more than just a vehicle for your holidays, with the comfort a safety that allows piece of mind and the whole family to enjoy the adventures that lay ahead.
For travelling the seat can be locked into multiple positions within the van, meaning the seat extremely flexible. Once parked up the seat can be freely moved forward or backwards and gives the ultimate in flexible living. If or indeed when required the seat can be quickly removed from the vehicle to allow for extra large loads to be carried with ease.

The Bed
For the perfect nights sleep the 3000 seat transforms quickly and very easily in to a luxurious, large, double bed. Because the bed is made up from the specially foamed undersides of the seat cushions it allows for a perfectly flat bed with no uncomfortable lumps or bumps.

When it comes to safety there is no compromise and the 3000 leads the way where many other seats on the market today fall worryingly short! The 3000 seat has been tested and complies too the latest European standards (EU 76/115/ECC – 2005/41/EC) and is one of the only seats on the market which offers 3 seats with integral 3-point belts.

As standard we fit Isofix points and integrated headrests.

We recommend the RIB 1120 bed for its value for money, as its cheaper than the Reimo bed but still retains good safety standards with its pull tested certification. All our stock RIB beds come with Isofix, slider, built in armrests, memory foam and under chassis fixation bracket approved by Scopema.

For the LWB chassis and a large family, we recommend the Reimo 3000 to fully utilise the sliding rail function. In the LWB chassis passengers are seated further back, so bringing the bed further forward on the rails not only maximises the load space but makes the vehicle more sociable.

Once your seating or bed has been chosen we can help with the VW Camper Upholstery and other finishing options such as a VW camper awning and paintwork.

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