VW Transporter Awning

We can fit all types of awnings to your vehicle, from the Reimo multirail to a Thule 4900 wind out shelter. Both models have a SWB and LWB option, and can be fitted with your VW Camper Conversions. We also stock the Vango Airbeam awnings designed for the best Volkswagen Transporter. All of our awnings create room for storage or furniture, whichever model you decide to go for, you can be sure that it will be made with long lasting parts.

The Reimo Multirail is a needed bracket to attach a drive away awning to the camping van, and also acts a a gutter rail for diverting water away from the side of the vehicle. It’s the top option for anyone looking to extend their van, and an essential for anyone looking to go camping.

The Thule 4900 is a great sun shade and shelter from the rain, which comes in black. This extension of the vans roof makes it an ideal vehicle camping in rainy and sunny conditions.  It has a winder on the side for easy and quick erection and can be operated by just one person. The Thule awning comes as a kit with a Reimo Multi-rail and rain gutter, and has the ability to attach a drive away awning to it. This awning creates much more space inside the camper van, making it feel like there is a lot more room inside. the awning sits on top of the camper van itself, attached to the roof; therefor not cluttering up the inside of the camper.

Inflatable drive away awnings for campervans and motorhomes. Pitch your Vango AirAway® in a matter of minutes with pioneering AirBeam® inflatable awning technology! These air awnings deliver pole-free pitching, leaving you with more time to enjoy the great outdoors, or relax at the campsite. With multiple attachment heights to ensure compatibility, our innovative AirAway® collection will have you racing to your next pitch! This is the best option for varying conditions, simply detach and drive away.

We think the best suited awning to the majority of our customers is the Thule 4900 wind out, complete with multi-rail and rain gutter. This awning offers the most room inside of the camper, whilst also allowing a drive away awning to be attached to the side bracket as an extra. with the option to add a drive away awning also. As this options is good in so many different scenarios, we believe it can suit the most amount of users, regardless of the activity is being used for. We also recommend this to customers because they will not need to buy the bracket extension , which is required to use the other awnings.

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