Conversion Upgrades & Standard Fit Parts

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The Waeco CRX50 is a fantastic fridge which runs off 12v and 240v with our coolmatic adapter. It has a removable freezer compartment to increase the size of the fridge, and power level indicator located on the inside of the opening. The fridge is compact, good looking and we remove the front panel and insert the laminate of your interior to match.
The CBE PC180 power management kit has all areas covered when it come down to motorhome electrics. Along with the PC380 (digital version) these units are the most advanced kits on the market.
We install CBE modular USB sockets as standard to all our conversions for charging USB appliances. All USB ports are wired into the CBE power management system and fused accordingly.
We Install CBE 12v cigarette style power sockets as standard fit, which is wired directly into the CBE power management system and fused accordingly.
We install 6x LED bright white lights into a SWB campervan and 7x lights into a LWB. They are wired into a dimmerble CBE light switch, snd have a very long life expectancy. The LED light are low profile, and are wired through the CBE power management system.
The Waeco Cool Power adapter allows the fridge to run off mains power supply when hooked up via a domestic plug or site hook-up. The adapter converts 240v to 12v meaning the fridge is not exhausting power from the leisure battery, giving your battery more available charge.
We have added the Victron 120 amp battery combiner as a standard fit item, which helps with the charging of the battery on short journeys. When the engine is running the relay charges the leisure battery alongside the 16 amp built in charger supplied by the CBE power management kit.
We can install LED base lights around the base of the furniture kit, giving an aesthetically pleasing lighting effect for added quality. The lights are LED with a long life expectance.
The Worktop LED lights can be installed on the underside on the worktop over-hang, which is wired directly into the CBE dimmer light switch. The lights shine down the face of the furniture kit giving an aesthetically pleasing lighting effect. These lights are LED and have a long life expectancy.
The LED flexible light can be installed at the front of the roof pelmet by the opening of the roof bed, which gives the adequate light for whoever is present in the roof bed. The light is LED and has a long life expectancy.
We fit the AGM leisure batteries as standard which comes in 120 amp and 160 amp. The 120 amp is the standard fit and the 160 amp is what we install for the hot water system. These batteries are high quality and maintenance free.
The CBE 380 power management system can be installed opposed to the CBE 180 power management system. The 380 has an upgraded digital control panel, which gives digital readouts for the under chassis water tanks, internal and external temperatures, alarm clock, digital voltage readouts of both vehicle and leisure battery and digital options list.
The 150w solar panel is installed on the elevating roof or van roof, which is only 3mm think and very discreet. The solar panel is connected to a high quality solar regulator which digitally controls the power distribution to the leisure battery, with voltage indicators and charge rate.
The LED swivel light is installed at the rear of the van at the top of the back toor opening. This light is high quality with an aluminium finish and can be used as a boot light or reading light for when in bed. This light is LED and has a long life expectancy.

In Car Entertainment

The Avtex 12v TV is powered by 12v or 240v and is an extremely high quality unit, which will have an active 12v aerial installed within the van. The TV has digital Freeview and a built in DVD player. We also supply a purpose made carry case for safe and easy storage.
The WIFI Eye TV digital tuner in a small device which is installed in the wardrobe for transmitting a digital Freeview signal that can be viewed on a portable device such as an iPad or laptop. The Eye TV is also portable with a removable aerial, and has a chargeable battery which is constantly on charge when installed in the van.  There will be an active 12v aerial installed in the van which gives a strong and reliable signal. No sim card or subscription required.
The 4G Mifi mobile internet device is a small portable unit that fits in the wardrobe. The device is portable and has a rechargeable battery which is constantly charged when connected to the van. The Mifi device is connected to a roof mounted aerial for receiving 3G and 4G signal and then transmitted into a Wifi hotspot. This option requires a data subscription though EE or Three, and the sim cards for both networks are included. The device can also be took out of the van and used as a personal hotspot on the move.
Three Bridge are authorised Kenwood & JVC agents, and are proud to offer the Kenwood 525 DNX DAB stereo. This same unit is offered by Volkswagen dealerships, and gets installed with a VW wiring harness for complete integration into the vehicle electrics for seamless operation. The unit features DAB radio, DVD player, Garmin satellite navigation, Bluetooth media streaming with hands free telephone, optional input for Kenwood reversing camera, optical reversing assistant and more. The unit also works flawlessly with steering wheel controls if this function is installed on the vehicle.
For peace of mind and lower insurance premiums, the Skytag GPS tracker can be installed. The tracker is installed in a discreet place and powered via a 12v supply. This option does require a monthly subscription, and this can be organised through us.


The Webasto STC2000 diesel night heater is an efficient and reliable hot air system, utilising the vehicles diesel tank as a supply of fuel. The burner can be installed under the vans drivers seat or under the chassis for a quieter operation. Three Bridge have been certificated by Webasto to offer an extended 3 year warranty on all Webasto products.
The Webasto Thermotop C diesel hot wanter system offers hot water and hot air through the same unit. The Thermotop C has a very clever way of delivering the hot water, with no holding tank. The burner heats up coolant and circulates it through a heat transfer plate, then fresh water passes through the opposite side of the plate heating it up instantly. There is 2x 12v fans which blow through the back of the transfer plate to supply hot air to the back of the camper. This option requires under chassis water tanks, and has the option of a hot rear shower.
The Webasto Thermocall is a control module for the Webasto heater and hot water system. An app is downloaded from the Apple store which sends text messages to the vehicles heater to control its operation and functions. A sim card is required for this option.


The Webasto X100 Diesel cooker offers gas free camping with a glass flat cooker which looks sleet and modern. There is a burner box that sits underneath the unit itself which is then vented through the floor. This option does hinder storage space and will take up to 3 minutes to heat up and longer to cool down.
The Smev 9222 is the most popular and practical cooker / sink combo on the market. Made by Dometic, this unit has a great build quality and functionality with 2x glass lids which acts as extra worktop space. The sink has a folding tap which can be installed with cold water only or hot and cold.
The Smev mini grill is a good option for cooking, with its compact design and stylish looks it means that toast, bacon and sausages are easily cooked without compromising too much storage space. It is vented through the top of the unit, which means there are no external holes cut into the side of the vehicle. Made by Dometic this unit is extremely well built.
Like the mini grill the Smev oven/grill offers the same functionality as the mini grill but with a larger cooking space and the oven function. It does take up more storage space than the mini grill, which means that this option would be best suited to the LWB chassis.
The under chassis LPG gas tanks are a great way to not only save space, but make it more convenient to acquire gas. The tank holds 15 litres of LPG gas which is filled at an LPG supplying petrol station, and is filled from the rear of the van through an LPG filler adapter. The tank has an electronic isolation valve to isolate the gas from the van, and an electronic LPG gas level gauge.


As standard all our campervans are supplied with a 12 litre removable water tank which is stored in the main cupboard of the furniture unit. This is an easily accessible tank and easy to fill, and holds an adequate  amount of water for most applications. If installing the hot water system of rear shower then we recommend the 48 litre under chassis water tank.
The 48 litre under chassis water tank is a must for long trips away or wind camping, and is always used in congestion with the hot water system. The 48 litres is made up from 2x tanks joined together, and is located under the chassis. The tanks are sited up into the voids of the vehicle body so that it minimises risk of penetration or damage. The tanks also have digital level sensory, which tell the CBE control panel how much water is in the tanks.


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