In The Beginning

Before Three Bridge Campers was formed in 2009, Daniel was building campervans from his fathers workshop and home based on the Volkswagen T4. The first T4 campervan created was built primarily for camping at race tracks for Daniels motor racing hobby, but this was sold almost instantly to the dissatisfaction of Kirsty (Daniels Wife) as the van was also earmarked for family holidays.

After the sale of the T4, a T5 was purchased with the profit so that he had a more reliable and newer base vehicle for conversion. This is where Three Bridge was really created, as from here on Daniel did over 5 Campervans before the company was formed.


In 2009 Daniel formed Three Bridge Ltd with his father Stewart, who managed and built exhibition stand construction. The company was built up of 2 sectors to ease the transition into self employment, so while Stewart was managing the exhibition construction, Daniel was building the campervans from his own designs. The campervan sector was really starting to boom at this point, and orders were flowing with high demand.


Now Three Bridge had been trading for a year, they started experimenting more with designs and ideas to really push the limitations within the leisure scene. Lots of new ideas and designs were created, which had a big influence on how the interiors seen today look.

2010 was a very important year, as this was the year that the idea for the Infinity was thought of. It was a trip back on the plane from the Dusseldorf motorhome show, that Daniel and long time friend Lyall came up with the idea of a curved worktop which started at the floor and ended at the floor.

Later that year a customer came to Three Bridge with no deign specification, just a brief of wanting ‘something special’. This was the perfect opportunity to pitch the idea of the curved unit, which later inherited the ‘Infinity’ name. The Infinity interior has proved to be hugely successful, and has pushed the boundaries within the campervan scene.


In 2011 the campervan sector was booming, and more space and time was required to further progress this side of the business. Daniels father Stewart, moved the exhibition side of the business to another location from which he helped managed another firm.

Later that year Daniel brought best friend Lyall into partnership, and further developed the Infinity interior.


This was the year Three Bridge purchased a CNC machine, which was to speed up production and increase overall quality. It was the most valuable purchase to date, as it provided free time to develop further ranges to compliment the Infinity interior.

The Tourer range was now developed and released for production, and was focused on practicality but retaining the quality of the Infinity.


In 2013 a new edgebander was purchased to further the quality of the interiors, which enabled flush fitting doors and high bond door edging.

This was the year that the Infinity 2 and Infinity Low-line was designed and produced for the first time, expanding the range further to give more variety and options.


This was the year that Three Bridge opened up the in-house upholstery department, giving more control and influence over the design and quality of the trimming.

The Tourer range also received a revamp, with a new sleek and modern look with Corian worktop and extra storage.

The company has grown to a point where another 2000 sq feet was taken to accommodate a new purpose built office and upholstery department.


2015 Three Bridge took on more staff to increase production and increase quality even further, with more qualified staff and a more streamlined operation the company pushed forward to strive to be the best in the industry.

Staff took part in a Webasto certificated course to offer an extended 3 year warranty on all Webasto products, and fault diagnostics service.

Three Bridge also became FCA approved to offer finance on all products and services.


2016 the company is progressing with campervan sales and manufacturing demo vans to showcase its quality and options, and a new website launched to showcase the services offered.